Forum Technology for All 2016 – 4 – 6 octobre 2016, Roma, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale

Du 4 au 6 octobre se déroulera le Forum TECHNOLOGY for ALL à Rome.

L’objectif de ce forum est d’approfondir la connaissance des technologies innovatrices et leurs applications pour pouvoir utiliser tout leur potentiel à travers des tests sur le terrain.
Cette 3e édition du forum reprend le format de l’édition précédente avec une première partie d’application pratique et une seconde sous la forme d’une conférence sur deux jours avec l’intervention d’experts reconnus. En parallèle se dérouleront des ateliers de formation.

Pour la journée du 4 octobre :
WORKSHOP IN CAMPO 10:00 – 16:00, Villa di Massenzio – Via Appia Antica

Pour la journée du 5 octobre seront abordés les thèmes de la Geoinformation et du Territoire à travers des sessions dédiées à :

  • systèmes satellites pour la sécurité dans les transports
  • Utilisation des drones pour documenter le territoire
  • Modèles 3D pour les infrastructures et les BIM
  • Défense du sol et récupération du Territoire
  • Instrument de surveillance et de diagnostic des structures

Pour la journée du 6 octobre seront abordés les thèmes des Biens Culturels et des Smart City à travers des sessions dédiées à :

  • L’image numérique des Biens Culturels
  • Les tendances actuelles de l’utilisation des technologies pour le Patrimoine Culturel
  • Big Data, Patrimoine Culturel et tourisme
  • La sécurité dans les Smart City touristiques
  • Défendre le Patrimoine de l’Humanité

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L’obiettivo del Forum è approfondire la conoscenza delle tecnologie innovative e le loro applicazioni per mostrarne le reali potenzialità con test operativi.
La terza edizione del Forum TECHNOLOGY for ALL riprende il format dell’edizione precedente con un prima parte di applicazioni pratiche e la seconda in una Conferenza di due giorni con interventi di autorevoli esperti. In parallelo alla Conferenza si svolgeranno workshop formativi differenti nelle due giornate.

Nella giornata del 4 ottobre:
WORKSHOP IN CAMPO 10:00 – 16:00, Villa di Massenzio – Via Appia Antica

Nella prima giornata del 5 Ottobre sarà affrontato il tema della Geoinformazione e del Territorio con sessioni dedicate a:

  • Sistemi satellitari per la sicurezza nei trasporti
  • Uso di droni per documentare il territorio
  • Modelli 3D per le infrastrutture e il BIM
  • Difesa del suolo e recupero del Territorio
  • Strumenti per il Monitoraggio e Diagnosi delle strutture

Nella seconda giornata del 6 Ottobre sarà affrontato il tema dei Beni Culturali e delle Smart City con sessioni dedicate a:

  • L’immagine digitale del patrimonio culturale
  • Tendenze attuali della fruizione tecnologica del patrimonio culturale
  • Big Data, patrimonio culturale e turismo
  • Sicurezza nelle smart city storiche
  • Difendere il Patrimonio dell’Umanità

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The third edition of the “TECHNOLOGYforALL Forum will be held in the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale of Rome on 5 and 6 October 2016.

The program will emphasize as much as possible, the emerging content of the Forum in the use within the international context and the operations of Italian companies in the sectors where Italy plays a testimonial role in the world. The aim is not only the integration and interactivity impact of the technology, but it is also the sustainable socio-economic contribution in the production cycle to the final destination.

Tuesday 4th October, before the Conference, inside a Roma’s archaelogical area, a Workshop on the field will be organized, where the manufacturers of instruments and service providers will be dynamically involved in the acquisition of data with advanced solutions from the production phase to the publication of mega and metadata.

In parallel with the conference are organized some events for training on the development, structuring and organization of information and on the web and on mobile vertical applications. The production processes that will be described affect a broad range of users, ranging from government agencies to private companies or professional researchers or finally from students to citizens.


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4e édition de la Maker Faire Roma, 14-16 octobre 2016

Du 14 au 16 octobre aura lieu la 4e édition de la Maker Faire de Rome.

Dal 14 al 16 ottobre si terra la Maker Faire di Roma.

From October 14th to 16th will be held the Roma Maker Faire.


What is Maker Faire

Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth – a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker Movement.  It’s a place where people of all ages and backgrounds gather together to show what they are making, and share what they are learning.

Maker Faire celebrated 150 Faires in 2015 alone and has reached over 1,5 million attendees globally since it launched in San Mateo, California in 2006, less than a year after the publication of the first Make: Magazine. The tenth annual Maker Faire Bay Area welcomed some 1200 maker entries and 145,000 attendees.

World Maker Faire New York, the other flagship event, has grown in five years to 900+ maker entries and 90,000 attendees. Detroit, Kansas City, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Orlando, Rome, Paris, Hannover, Berlin, Trondheim, Oslo, Newcastle (UK), Tokyo  Singapore, Taipei, and Shenzhen host our larger-scale “featured” Maker Faires, and over 120 community-driven, independently organized Mini Maker Faires inspire and ignite creative communities everywhere around the globe.

MAKER FAIRE ROME – The European Edition

Maker Faire Rome is the European edition of Maker Faire. It’s organised by Asset Camera, a Special Agency of the Rome’s Chamber of Commerce, whose mission is to place the city of Rome at the center of the debate on innovation, by spreading the digital culture, and developing the individual and collective entrepreneurship that is so integral to the Maker movement’s genetic makeup.

Maker Faire Rome combines science, science fiction, technology, entertainment and business to create something totally new. It’s an event created to cater to curious participants of all ages, wishing to experience firsthand the makers’ inventions. Inventions that are the result of a desire to solve everyday problems, whether big or small.

Maker Faire Rome is an event designed to turn the spotlight on hundreds of projects from around the world that are able to catapult visitors into the future.

Not just a fair for field experts. At Maker Faire, you’ll find inventions in the field of science and technology (from 3D printers to wearables, through to drones, robots and digital manufacturing), but also new forms of art, entertainment, crafts, food experiments and attractions never seen before.

The watchwords of the Maker Faire Rome are: meeting, exchange, training, entertainment and interaction.
The public can experience and try their hand with these new inventions where innovation is made available to everyone. An experience where participants are an integral part of the fair itself.

An event for families, where children and adults can get involved in hundreds of fun and educational activities and demonstrations. A place where you can learn how to build your own smartphone, your own toys, “3D print” shoes, jewellery, handbags and even edible ravioli, or discover how to make your house home-automated with just a few simple measures.

With over 600 inventions on display in 2015 and more than 100 thousand visitors, Maker Faire Rome is the world’s largest exhibition after the “Area Bay” and “New York” in the US.

This year, after the success of the 2013 , 2014 and 2015 editions, we expect hundreds of inventions and attractions from 65 nations. On the programme: live performances, panels, workshops, seminars, conferences and many surprises in store especially for children who will have a special Kids Area, which is even bigger with even more activities than previous editions.

The Maker Faire 2016 runs 14 to 16 October 2016 at Fiera di Roma.

Website here


Call for schools

Are you still in school even though you already have what it takes to be a Maker?
Do you have an innovative project that you’d like to show to the public at Maker Faire Rome 2016?
What are you waiting for? Send us your proposal! The Call for Schools is now open!
Link here

Interested in becoming a Partner ?

The event offers various ways to become a partner thanks to its approach geared to enhance the presence of individual businesses or organisations by creating a single narrative with high engagement both Onsite and Online.

Why become a Partner?

  1. Give your business maximum exposure by entering into a marketing process lasting 8 months and spanning over more than 65 countries.
  2. Meet a great deal of participants, including professionals, young people and families during the event.
  3. Let your brand be seen as new, different, fresh and original.
  4. Open up a lasting exchange with an international movement – the Makers – who are present in 120 nations.
  5. Increase brand awareness among target consumers
  6. To better define projects and products, in an ever-changing industry, thanking to the presence of partners and qualified visitors.
  7. To participate in the development of ideas and innovative contents of the fourth industrial revolution.

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Call for Big Bang Projects
This year there’s something new, we are building Maker Faire together, not just in terms of content but also in terms of its major attractions. Pending the usual Call for Makers (April-June) when makers will be able to submit their own projects, we would also like to receive proposals from those wishing to help us make this event unforgettable.
You have until 28 April to submit your ideas, which may be presented in the Fiera di Roma exhibition area, for the following:

  • large-scale projects;
  • highly interactive projects involving the public;
  • setups/attractions with high visual impact suitable for giving character to event spaces (pavilions, outdoor walkways, entrances and access areas, etc.);
  • areas for interactive activities (walkways, aviaries, stages, workshops, etc.);
  • topical exhibits and informative displays.

Link here