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L’International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology (IJSRA) est un journal gratuit, en accès libre, avec un comité scientifique. C’est le premier journal indépendant, sans affiliation, qui couvre de façon globale les recherches académiques des étudiants en archéologie.

L’appel à contribution porte en particulier sur le numéro de cette année avec une date limite du 15 mars 2017, mais le IJSRA accepte des soumissions d’articles toute l’année.

Pour plus d’informations, voir ici ou lire la suite en anglais


L’ International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology (IJSRA) è un giornale gratuito, open, e con un comittato scientifico. Sono il primo giornale indipendente, senza affiliazioni, che copre in modo globale le ricerche academiche degli studenti in archeologia.

L’appello per contribuire riguarda in particolare la pubblicazione di quest’anno con una data limite del 15 marzo 2017, ma il giornale accetta contribuzioni tutto l’anno.

Per ulteriori informazioni, leggere qui o continuare in inglese


The International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology (IJSRA) is a free, open-access, peer-reviewed journal. We are the first independent,unaffiliated and markedly global publication focused on student academic research in archaeology. ISSN: 2398-2012

We welcome papers addressing any topic and temporal sequence of archaeological interest, based in any geographical area, and engaging with any methodological and/or theoretical framework. IJSRA encourages submissions of papers such as:

• Research articles (up to 6,500 words).

 • Literature reviews and academic essays (up to 5,000 words).

 • ‘Debate’ articles based on unpublished or published evidence and that may challenge traditional, long-established academic perspectives (up to 6,000 words).

 • Condensed field reports or monographs (up to 4,000 words).

 • Reviews of Books relevant to the discipline, or Reviews of archaeological conferences, focusing particularly on the role and participation of students.

The International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology does not charge any submission or publication fees. Authors must confirm that the content of their original research papers has not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere (although previous presentation in poster format and at conferences is accepted).

All submissions should be full papers written in English or another field-relevant language. If the paper is submitted in a language other than English, an extended summary in English must be provided. Assistance with academic English of publishable articles will be provided if required.

The recommended deadline for submissions for our next issue is 15th March 2017. Please note that we also now accept submissions on a rolling basis throughout the year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at:

More informations here

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