MeshLab V.1.3.4

MeshLab 2016 Released

After a very long time, a huge rewriting process, and a strongly renewed effort the new MeshLab version is finally out!

  • Total rewriting of the internal rendering system. Huge rendering speed ahead!
  • Screened Poisson Surface Reconstruction updated to the very latest version.
  • New Transformation filters.
  • New ways of getting metric information out of your models.
  • Transformation matrices are now used more uniformly among filters.
  • Alpha value is now used properly by all color-related filters.
  • Improvement and typos removal on various help/description texts.
  • Direct upload of models on SketchFab
  • Raster registration on 3D model based also on 2D/3D correspondences
  • Bug-fixing on almost all filters.

Download here !

Workshops – 3 workshops sur CloudCompare, MeshLab et 3DHOP seront organisés lors des JIAP2016, juin 2016, Paris

3 workshops seront organisés les 7 et 8 juin 2016 lors des Journées Informatique et Archéologie de Paris, à l’Institut d’Histoire de l’Art et d’Archéologie, rue Michelet, à Paris.

  • Mardi 7 juin, 14h-17h tutoriel 3DHOP (visualisateur 3D) (en anglais)
  • Mercredi 8 juin, 9h-13h tutoriel CloudCompare (manipulation de nuages de points 3D)
  • Mercredi 8 juin, 14h-18h tutoriel MeshLab (manipulation de mesh 3D) (en anglais)

Pour vous inscrire, merci de me contacter à cette adresse en précisant dans l’objet que vous m’écrivez pour les tutoriaux des JIAP2016 et si vous aurez un pc portable à votre disposition :


During the JIAP2016 conference, 3 workshops will be held on 3D :

  • Tuesday 7 June, 2-5pm : workshop on 3DHOP (online 3D visualization tool) ( in english)
  • Wednesday 8 June, 9am to 1pm: workshop on CloudCompare (3D point cloud manipulation software)
  • Wednesday 8 June, 2pm to 6pm: workshop on MeshLab (3D mesh manipulation software) (in english)

If you want to subscribe, please contact me at by saying in the object of the mail that you are writing for the JIAP2016 workshops and if you’ll have a laptop with you.